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We are the sole kindergarten serving the Greytown urban area and a rural area that streches as far as Kahutara and Pirinoa to the south, Martinborough to the east and the Tararuas in the West.

The kindergarten draws from a wide cross section of the population including city commuters, farming families and single parent families.

Our Philosophy

We believe:

that children learn by experimentation, exploration and questioning, and from good role models. The environment should provide these experiences to enable all chldren to grow up as competent, confident learners and communicators.

that individuality, independence and good self esteem are encouraged by positive interactions and sensitive intervention. Children need to be able to develop their own strengths, interests and abilities to acquire a sense of achievement and an understanding of who they are and how they are valued.

in the provision of an environment which ensures every child is nurtured in a way that cares for them as a whole person, developing a secure sense of belonging.

that the children's family background, gender and ethnicity should be viewed positively within the kindergarten enabling respect, dignity and fairness for all.

that we should provide an environment where reciprocal and responsive relationships with teachers, parent/caregivers and the wider community are recognised.

that all children have individual needs which should be recognised and, as far as possible, met through a process of discussion with parent/caregivers and through observations. Teachers should get to know each child well from constant interaction and an effective assessment, planning and evaluation cycle.

  that teachers are more effective in meeting the needs of each child when they continue to extend their own learning through professional development.

that our goal as teachers is to guide and support children through the early learning process and to ensure their safety and well-being.

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For more information, please phone the kindergarten between 9am and 3pm

Telephone: 06 304 9381

or email us anytime on

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