Why advertise on greytown.co.nz
Why advertise your business on greytown.co.nz?
greytown.co.nz has been set up to run as a commercial web site. It's main drive is to generate traffic and business to any local commercial concern wishing to advertise with us. greytown.co.nz and its very successful sister site, martinborough.com both rank very well in the best search engine, Google. greytown.co.nz generates approx 1100 page requests per day and martinborough.com approx 1400 page requests per day. We are currently establisihing carterton.co.nz which will further improve the traffic flow.
How much does it cost to have my web site on greytown.co.nz?
If you currently have a website the cost for a link on greytown.co.nz is just $180 + GST per year per directory listing. This gives customers access to your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week, compare that to the cost of print advertising in a newspaper!

When you first join our site you wil get a free banner ad on the front page as "New to greytown.co.nz" until someone newer comes along. A listing on the site gives you the right to join the email list for accommodation availabilty enquiries.

What if I don't have a web site?
We can construct a webpage for you with your photographs and text for $200 + GST. Then list you on greytown.co.nz for $180 + GST per year.
What if I don't have any decent photos?
We can take a series of photos for you with our digital camera. Charge is $240+GST. For some examples of our work see Westwood or Ambrosia Cottage.
What if I haven't a clue what to write about my place?
We can write up a piece, with details supplied by you, for an additional $40+GST
Can I advertise my business on the home page of greytown.co.nz?
Yes, banner ad links are a great way of generating extra traffic to your business. Banner ads cost $320 + GST for a year, or $150 + GST for 3 months. To keep your banner ad at the top of the page all year is an additional $320 + GST, obviously this is available on a first come first served basis. Due to the popularity of these ads, the size is now standardised to 190px wide by 194px deep. We can generate the artwork for these ads inclusive in the price.
Can people see when our accommodation is available?
Yes, we can set you up with an availability calendar, which you keep updated yourself so that people can see when your accommodation is available to book. For an example please click here. The cost of this facility is $100+ GST per year.
OK, how do I get on greytown.co.nz?
You simply email Jane Ough or phone 06 370 8584 and she will do the rest.